Knowing that it is usually an experience of pain or frustration that prompts people to seek counseling, my goal is to provide a safe place for you to effectively move through it.  Often that pain comes from unmet needs, harmful experiences, or coping systems that no longer serve you.  I work with you, to offer reflection, understanding, information, and new windows to help you experience relief and a sense of well being.  I draw from a variety of theoretical approaches to provide what is most effective for your individual goals. In general, treatment can focus on increasing insight and self-awareness, fostering empowerment, resolving blocks or old wounds, and developing new skills that will allow change, healing and growth to occur. While talk therapy provides a base to work from, I also specialize in EMDR and Art Therapies and offer these services when it seems appropriate and helpful.  If any of the issues listed below relate to what you are experiencing call for a free consultation to see if my services would be right for you.

  • Anxiety; feeling worried, fearful, not able to turn off your thoughts, overwhelmed
  • Depression; low motivation, feeling helpless or hopeless, guilt, sadness, sense of low self-worth
  • Trauma; single episodes or chronic experiences
  • Addiction; with substances and/or in behavior or relationships
  • Problems with relationships; intimate, with family, or in general
  • Periods of life transitions or changes
  • Identity; feeling confused about who you are, low self-esteem, feeling fractured or not whole.  
  • Feeling stuck 

Fees and Practical matters

* I am currently only offering sessions through confidential telehealth videoconferencing.

Fees: $140-180

Insurance: In-network with Pacific Source. 
I currently do not bill out-of-network insurance however will provide a receipt for you to request reimbursement. 

I am able to offer a discounted fee for a certain number of client slots. 

If we schedule a session and you need to cancel or reschedule please do so with at least 24hr notice to allow me to open the space for others.  Otherwise, with the exception of an emergency or sudden health issue, you may be charged for the missed session.  


Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is an effective psychotherapeutic approach in the treatment of trauma but also for ongoing anxieties, relationship issues, or psychological stress.  EMDR accesses the brain's natural healing capacity to shift (through reprocessing) stuck or unhealthy automatic responses that have been rooted through negative past experiences.  To learn more please visit the sites below to read about EMDR theory and treatment.  There is also a video on the "Good Stuff" page.

 Art Therapy

Art therapy is an approach that allows identification or exploration of issues experientially.  There is no need to have "artistic talent," the benefit and value is in the experience of the creative process.  We will use media and directives that are best related to your personal strengths, needs, and treatment goals.  Creating is considered a primary process which can bypass defense mechanisms or automatic responses.  It offers an opportunity to positively relate to the self, validate and reflect the self, and open new possibilities.  To learn more please visit the site below.